3 Successful Google Shopping Campaigns You Can Use Right Now

If you are running an ecommerce store and you are looking to improve your reach, a Google Ads campaign is not enough.

In order to get your products in front of your potential customers, you should consider a Google Shopping Campaign.

What is a Google Shopping Campaign and how you can use it to your advantage?

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About Google Shopping Ad

Google Shopping Ad is a product listing ad that displays your products with its image and price. If you want, you can also add reviews and promotional price points to grow conversions.

Google Shopping Ads show before paid or organic search listings. In other words, you see them first when making a search online on Google.

Shopping ads are different types of ads.

Unlike with Search Ads or Google Display, there is no keywords bidding when you are creating a shopping ad.

Instead of trying to rank online for specific keywords, the bids are set on a product category.

The ads are based on product feeds which are stored in Google’s Merchant Center.

With the level of competition online, Google Shopping Ads have become quite popular. Today, Google Shopping is one of the most competitive battlegrounds in the world of marketing.

You can’t fly into these campaigns unprepared.

There are three steps related to running a successful Google Shopping Ad Campaign:

  • Optimization of the product feed
  • Setting a winning bidding method
  • Structuring the campaign right

3 Google Shopping Campaigns Examples

Here are some of the best examples to use as an inspiration.

1.ECCO Oxford

This ECCO shoe & accessories shop profits from their physical store in Oxford, as well as, their online store.

Nowadays, footwear is a difficult industry to compete in, especially with retailers like Nike and Reebok controlling the market. In order to properly face the competition, ECCO Oxford needed to target the ads and be seen by the right group of people.

Another problem was the high cost per acquisition that impacted their profit margin.

They decided to push a percentage of their marketing budget into listing ads. That is the way they started building their targeting strategy. ECCO Oxford spent a lot of time optimizing their product feed and focused their efforts on identifying the best traffic for their budget.

Once the strategy was in place, it was important to be maintained.

Activity was adapted to fit the product range. Also, they had to swap out items as the year almost went on to keep updated with the current trends and seasons.

By using this strategy, the company was able to increase their visits by 24%, cost per conversion lowered by 14%, the overall conversion rate increased to 28%, and the average value of order increased by almost 40%.

2. Paper Culture

Paper Culture is a stationary company concerned with current environmental issues. The products they sell are 100% recycled.

According to the CEO and co-founder of Paper Culture, Chris Wu, one of the main challenges as a small business is that they don’t have the brand of their larger competitors.

It is one of the reasons why the company turned to Google Shopping Ads to complement their Adwords campaign.

Google Shopping helped Paper Culture tell a story by showing people the unique product designs.

Paper Culture used the image-centric method of Google Shopping. By targeting effectively, they ensured that they were reaching certain leads.

The end result was pretty impressive – they have managed to increase their ROI 3X compared to other strategies and channels. They also notice a decrease in their cost per lead up to 50%.

3. TravelSmith Outfitters

TravelSmith Outfitters is a company with a strong mission – to make travel easier, more convenient, and enjoyable.

They want to be the only outfitting resource for adventurers and savvy travelers. They saw Google Shopping as a solution.

Their success depends on the ability to showcase data to Google. We are talking about complete data such as advertising, catalog, product data, order fulfillment, inventory, and financial data.

TravelSmith’s strategy included converting purchasers with offers that made the deal even better.

We must say – it was a huge success. The company saw an overall ROAS increase of more than 20%.

Google Shopping sales increased by 200% as a result of Shopping ads.

The orders were also increased by 35%.

5 Tips for Google Shopping Eccomerce Success

Now that you have seen these effective ad campaigns, it is time to determine how best to take advantage of Shopping ads.

  • Optimize the shopping feed – Your shopping feed is a list of products you have for sale. The feed communicates the available items to Google’s channel for advertising. Make the titles of your products search-friendly, leverage your promotions, include high-resolution and high-quality images, use relevant keywords in your descriptions.
  • Segment your Google Shopping Campaigns: Using negative keywords helps narrow down your online searches. This gives you ultimate control over what your items show up for. When segmenting your products, you create an opportunity to appear in Google’s Shopping Funnel and to the right group of people.
  • Choose the right bidding: Bidding is an important part of the Google Shopping Ads process. When bidding on shopping ads, strategies can be automated or based on a number of rules. Automated bids are great when you are preparing simultaneous campaigns. The rule-based bidding enables you to set specifications on conversions, ROI, trends, and impressions.
  • Specify your targeting: Google Shopping ads are highly targeted. As a matter of fact, targeting is crucial to success. When targeting the ads, you can target new visitors who have shown search behaviors similar to your existing customers. When using a similar audiences approach, audience targeting becomes simplified because you are no longer predicting things when setting up your target group.
  • Use promotions: Shopping ads are an excellent way to boost your promotions and promotions are great for making your ads more effective. Common promotions that have an effective track record with Shopping Ads are free shipping, percentages off, buy one get one offer.
Arm yourself with strategies and helpful information and you will create a great campaign that will skyrocket your business to the next level.


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