If you’ve outgrown your existing web hosting and you need a lot more power and performance to be able to handle extra traffic you’re receiving, without investing in a costly dedicated web hosting plan, then you need VPS hosting. VPS (virtual private server) hosting is whereby a physical server is divided into different virtual machines. Each virtual machine runs separately from another. VPS hosting is cost effective. Businesses can start small and graduate slowly when they need more resources. In this segment, we’re going to look at considerations when searching for the right VPS hosting:

Price of the VPS hosting

Price is the most important factor people look at when choosing any web hosting service. For VPS hosting, the price varies significantly. This is due to the nature and variability of the hosting environment. The cost of VPS hosting hinges on the various hardware specs, the degree of customization, and level of service. To give an estimate, a basic VPS hosting package ranges from $8 to $15. This basic package comes with 1GB RAM and 20 GB storage.

Single server VPS hosting or Cloud VPS hosting

VPS comes in two main configurations; single server VPS or cloud VPS. With single server VPS, multiple VPS servers can be hosted on a single physical server. With a cloud VPS, on the other hand, they are hosted on multiple physical servers that make up a local cloud. A single server VPS hosting is a cost-effective option because you only need a single physical server to host multiple VPS. The downside to single server VPS hosting is that it’s not a scalable solution, since you’re limited to the resources of a single physical server. Many website owners are increasingly drifting towards cloud VPS hosting because there is no single point of failure, so if a complete hardware failure occurs on one server, the VPS will still work.

Windows or Linux VPS hosting

Before you chose any VPS hosting, you must know the kind of operating system you’re going to use up front. It can either be Windows or Linux. Linux is entirely different from Windows, but it has its upsides. A Windows environment is the most preferred when your website is operating on ASP or ASP.net.


There are other factors that you will need to consider when selecting the right VPS hosting, including managed vs. unmanaged hosting, redundancy and scalability, server specifications and configurations, and customer support. Make sure to consider all of them when choosing the right VPS hosting.

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